The emulradio4Rail project has been completed successfully – The first test in virtual mode

The final event of the “Emulradio4Rail”  project was held on Friday 11st  December 2020 in virtual modality. The project belongs to the H2020 Shift to Rail research program (Results) and Radiolabs joined as project member.

Emulradio team was composed by the French University Gustave Eiffel (Coordinator) and European partners such as Radiolabs […]

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RAILGAP project selected by GSA

The RAILGAP  project recently awarded by the European GNSS Agency within the H2020-SPACE-EGNSS-2019-2020 Innovation Action with a consortium where RETE FERROVIARIA ITALIANA  (RFI) are the coordinator, including as partners:  DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS (ADIF), CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS Y EXPERIMENTACIÓN DE OBRAS PÚBLICAS (CEDEX), CONSORZIO RADIOLABS (RDL), DEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FÜR LUFT […]

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Radiolabs at ION ITM 2020 Conference

Radiolabs has attended the ION’s International Technical Meeting (ITM) held January 21-24, 2020 in San Diego, California presenting the paper  GNSS Anti-jam RF-to-RF On Board Unit for ERTMS Train Control in the GNSS and Security Session on Jamming and Spoofing. Pietro Salvatori of Radiolabs underlined in his presentation the […]

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Radiolabs is partner of VOLIERA project

Radiolabs is part of the team coordinated by Hitachi Rail STS selected by ESA for the VOLIERA project – Video Odometry with Lidar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications. VOLIERA aims to develop an innovative multi-sensor component aimed at providing relative and absolute position and odometry information suitable for the […]

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Enabling technologies for the connected cars

Ministry of Economical Development (MISE) has approved the funding of EMERGE.  Project leader is Radiolabs Consortium with Leonardo, Telespazio, Elital, University of l’Aquila as partners. Collaborations with FCA-CRF, IAM, ESA, GSA and ASI.

 The EMERGE project – Light Commercial Vehicles & Emerging Technologies for daily operations and emergency situations – part […]

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HELMET project selected by GSA

Radiolabs will coordinate the HELMET project recently awarded by GSA within the H2020-SPACE-EGNSS-2019 Innovation Action to a consortium including as partners DLR (DE), SOGEI (IT), University of Pardubice (CZ), Kentro Kainotomon Technologion AE (EL), Roboauto s.r.o. (CZ) and the support of the Stanford University GPS team.  One of the […]

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ERSAT GGC demonstration shows GNSS performance for ERTMS

Roma, November 19th  2019

The recent ERSAT GGC demonstration phase coordinated by Radiolabs and taking place at the RFI test bed in Cagliari was a first opportunity to showcase the Toolset developed by the ERSAT GGC team to classify track areas where is possible to rely on GNSS positioning for […]

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Radiolabs selected by AFNOR for GNSS Road Transport Study

Radiolabs is part of an international team of experts selected by AFNOR – Association Française de Normalization following a competitive tender for a Study on  “GNSS Performance Standardisation for Road Transport” . Radiolabs will lead the task for the GNSS integrity to develop a unique integrity concept valid for […]

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Radiolabs on new GNSS receiver design for trains

Radiolabs is part of the team coordinated by Hitachi Rail STS that has been selected by ESA to design and prototype a GNSS receiver for the ERTMS train control system. This project – based on state of art Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform provided by Qascom and integrity algorithms […]

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5G Italian Trial programme presented at X2Rail – WP 3 team

Professor Alessandro Neri of University Roma Tre – president of Radiolabs has present the 5G trial program underway in the test site of l’Aquila – one of the five cities in Italy where 5G has been deployed to foster new applications. This talk – organized by Hitachi Rail STS […]

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