Project Description

IGAW 2017 (International GNSS Advances Workshop) is  dedicated to  the evolution of satellite navigation technology   and the new opportunities provided  by the availability of multiple constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) and the fourth edition of the Workshop was in Rome on June 20 -22, 2017.

IGAW2017 also hosted RHINOS (Railway High Integrity Navigation Overlay System) Project Dissemination Workshop. The project intends to study and define common standards for the use of GNSS in Rail Train Control Systems at a worldwide level. The Project is led by RadioLabs Consortium. Among the other members, Ansaldo STS, University of Stanford, DLR, University of Pardubice, University of Nottingham and Sogei.

During the RHINOS Dissemination Workshop,  relevant achieved results were presented and new ideas for paving the way for automotive applications.