The President of the Abruzzo Region and the Rector of the University of L’Aquila visit the EMERGE Center of Excellence and the Radiolabs Laboratory

• First European ecosystem for innovation, research and specialist training for geo-location, telecommunications and cyber security technologies for autonomous vehicles;
• Technological synergies between the aerospace and automotive domains of the Abruzzo Region;
• International Centre for the validation and certification support of new technologies in collaboration with ASI and ESA;
• […]

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Results of connected vehicle projects presented at ASI

In Abruzzo the first eco-system dedicated to innovation for intelligent transport
A strategic asset to enhance made-in-Italy satellite technologies in Europe
A plan to increase know-how and highly specialized employment

The transport sector has embarked on a process of irreversible transformation with the energy transition and connected driving at […]

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Enabling technologies for the connected cars

Ministry of Economical Development (MISE) has approved the funding of EMERGE.  Project leader is Radiolabs Consortium with Leonardo, Telespazio, Elital, University of l’Aquila as partners. Collaborations with FCA-CRF, IAM, ESA, GSA and ASI.

 The EMERGE project – Light Commercial Vehicles & Emerging Technologies for daily operations and emergency situations – part […]

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The RHINOS Project at the INN-ASI Conference

The Contribution of the Satellite Services to transport and navigation

It was held on April 12th, 2016, at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport the ASI-INN conference where Radiolabs presented the RHINOS project.


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