Radiolabs unveils new innovations at ITM – 2022

Multi-sensor fusion techniques are the next challenge for resilient and high accuracy – integrity positioning solutions for the ERTMS train control and the Connected car applications. Radiolabs – leveraging on technical synergies among these sectors – and its University-Industry research organization will present the latest achievements at the prestigious […]

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Radiolabs at ION ITM 2020 Conference

Radiolabs has attended the ION’s International Technical Meeting (ITM) held January 21-24, 2020 in San Diego, California presenting the paper  GNSS Anti-jam RF-to-RF On Board Unit for ERTMS Train Control in the GNSS and Security Session on Jamming and Spoofing. Pietro Salvatori of Radiolabs underlined in his presentation the […]

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Radiolabs new research outcomes presented at the 2019 ION-PNT Conference

Honolulu, Hawaii April 11, 2019

Radiolabs has presented the results of two recent research projects at the ION Pacific PNT Conference held at Honolulu on the 8th – 11th April. ION-PNT represents a global cooperative development of Positioning, Navigation and Timing technology and applications where policy and technical leaders from […]

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Results of RHINOS project presented at IEEE/ION PLANS

April 24, 2018 Monterey, California- USA

Results of  the Radiolabs-led RHINOS project were presented at IEEE/ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium in the session GNSS Integrity and Augmentation ( The  performance of the GNSS-based Location Determination System Architecture confirm the suitability of the selected Augmentation system to monitor both global […]

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Radiolabs at ION PNT Conference

On May  2nd 2017 Andrea Coluccia of Radiolabs attended the Pacific ION Conference ( presented  the paper  “High Integrity Multiconstellation Positioning in ERTMS on SATELLITE – Enabling Application Validation”  in collaboration with Ansaldo STS and Sogei (presentation).  This paper discloses for the first time the recent on-fiel d […]

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Radiolabs a ICG-10, Boulder-Colorado, United States

Prof. Alessandro Neri, president of Radiolabs, attended the 10th Meeting of the International GNSS Committee November 1 to 6, as a member of the Italian delegation led by ASI submitting a joint contribution in the plenary session on “High Integrity Navigation Overlay Services For Railway Applications: a selected example […]

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