During the week from the 8th until the 13th of April, one of the ERSAT GGC measurement campaigns took place in the Italian line Cagliari-San Gavino in Sardinia.
The aim of the collection of GNSS measurements is to perform the track area classification with respect to the presence of GNSS threats (i.e. multipath, NLOS and Interference), which is the main goal of WP4. During the measurement campaign week, where over 1700 km of data were recorded, some important requirements were taken into account in the definition of train runs schedule considering time repeatability and an adequate distribution of the train runs to cover different time slots along the day, including train runs during the night.

In the preparation and execution of the measurement campaign RFI, Trenitalia, DLR, Radiolabs and Hitachi Rail STS were involved. CEDEX and ADIF also participated to the campaign and are preparing together with INECO the next measurement campaign in Spain.