The test campaign of the GALITS (GAlileo Localization In Train Signalling) project, funded by EU H2020 – EUSPA took place in the last week of November 2023. The project’s objective is the development of an innovative, flexible, and programmable GNSS receiver and antenna for railway safety applications, aiming to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for train control system integrators.

The GALITS platform is designed to be integrated with additional sensors and compatible with train onboard control systems to support various applications, such as the Virtual Balise concept for ERTMS and the absolute positioning of the train.

The field experimentation phase included a series of tests on the real-time operation of the GALITS platform, composed by a dual-frequency multi-constellation GNSS receiver and antenna. Data acquisition for post-processing analysis of high-accuracy and integrity positioning algorithms was also conducted. The tests took place in a real operational environment using a vehicle with lane-keeping capabilities on the Rome-Fiumicino highway, chosen as a significant road route in reference to GNSS signal reception and local feared events to emulate the real behavior of a train equipped with the GALITS localization platform. Another localization platform, composed of a DFMC antenna and GNSS receiver, was installed on board as a reference system for post-processing analysis.