Customer: ESA – NAVISP-EL3-012
Duration:  March 2021 – September 2022

The objective of P-CAR (PNT Center for Automated Road-Transport) is to realize a PNT laboratory for testing and validation of Connected Autonomous Driving functions in synergy with the EMERGE-Navigation project under development in the Abruzzo Region. The accredited laboratories are essential facilities to support the certification process and, similarly to the rail domain, P-CAR aims to fill this gap for the automotive applications by developing the core technologies for a future accredited public PNT Centre in Italy.

A priority will be the exploitation of GALILEO and 5G – two strategic assets for PNT positioning in the automotive ecosystem. P-CAR will conceive and implement a novel approach based on a virtualized cloud-based platform to create a geo-distributed simulation and verification infrastructure that connects remotely to GNSS centers of excellence.

University of L’Aquila
Automotive Innovation Pole (IAM)