Radiolabs guide research to make possible for the future of the trains to be Always Connected – Geo localized and Safe from any cybernetic “attacks”. The increasing use of public networks such as GNSS infrastructure, mobile and satellite networks will bring significant economic benefits, especially for the modernization of local and regional railway lines. In this context, Radiolabs has contributed to the achievement of two important results: the completion of 3 InSat project, co-funded by ASI through ESA, and approval for the design review of ERSAT EAV by the GSA. Radiolabs also coordinates RHINOS, a project recently awarded by GSA as part of Horizon 2020 Galileo 3 involving important international research centers such as the DLR, of Nottingham University, Stanford University and the University of Pardubice in a joint effort and unprecedented efficient use of GNSS infrastructure in the world through appropriate augmentation techniques for high integrity applications in trains. Currently we involved in these research projects over 30 experts in the field of high integrity GNSS applications.