Radiolabs is leading research activities for ensuring future trains to be Always connected – Geo-Localized – Secure against potential cyber attack. The increasing use of public networks such as GNSS infrastructures, Cellular and Satellite communications  will bring important economical  benefits especially for the modernization of local and regional railways  lines.  In this respect, two bold milestones have been recently marked the research activities undertaken by Radiolabs: the completion of 3InSat project co-financed by ASI and managed by ESA and the approval of ERSAT EAV design review by GSA. Radiolabs is also coordinating RHINOS , a recently awarded H2020 GSA Galileo 3 project,  which involves major international research centers such as DLR, Nottingham University, Stanford University and Pardubice University in an unprecedented collaborative effort to use efficiently the GNSS infrastructures combined with  augmentation techniques for high integrity rail localization applications world-wide. More than 30 experts are currently involved on top research activities relevant to high integrity GNSS applications.

Radiolabs is a non-profit research center founded in 2001 and active  on telecommunications, multimedia, ICT, GNSS, IoT. Shareholders of Radiolabs are: University of Roma Tor Vergata, University of Roma Tre, University of l’Aquila, Ansaldo STS, Hitachi System CBT.