Padova, June 19th 2019

Radiolabs has presented the new solution developed for mitigating jamming and spoofing hazards on GNSS based localizations systems for the ERTMS train control. Cosimo Stallo, Senior Researcher at Radiolabs and Project Manager of ESA GSTP 6-2 DB4RAIL project, has shown the possible threats impacting on the virtual balise detection and the solution identified to mitigate these risks. A novel 4-element GPS and Galileo phased array antenna coupled with advanced GNSS signal processing techniques is a RF2RF platform, able to clean the Signal in Space from jamming and spoofing and to resend it with no signal distortion to a GNSS COTS receiver, ensuring the correct virtual balise detection.

The project DB4Rail co-funded by ESA and co-ordinated by Radiolabs with Hitachi Rail STS, RFI and Qascom as partners, has demonstrated its capability to detect the direction of jammers, putting a null towards them and so reducing the interference to a level compatible with the virtual balise detection.

This solution, the first one designed for operating with the ERTMS standard, is expected to undergo final tests on the RFI Anechoic Chamber on board of a real locomotive.

Further uses are envisaged for the Connected Cars where Radiolabs is involved with the EMERGE initiative.

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