Francesco Rispoli is since 2014 the Director General of Radiolabs, having been the Vice Chairman and board’s director by 2012. He joined Ansaldo STS in 2011 for exploiting the innovative satellite technology into the train control systems. Since then he was promoting the research initiatives on high integrity GNSS train localization and multi-bearer telecommunications, coordinating the projects 3InSat and ERSAT EAV to contribute to the first operative applications in Australia and to the roadmap for introducing the new satellite technologies into the evolution plan of the European train control system standard ERTMS. With Radiolabs he has promoted the RHINOS projects linking the major international research institutions working on high integrity GNSS applications. He was the coordinator of the WP-7 satellite activity of the European Next Generation Train Control System project involving the experts of satellite and rail sectors for the adoption of GNSS into the ERTMS ecosystem. He is a board’s Director of Galileo Services Association dealing with the rail application. By 2005 he was in Telespazio, as Chief New Initiatives for Rail, Emergency Telecom and Telemedicine services. Previously he was with Alenia Spazio as Vice President of Multimedia Business Unit, Director General of EuroSkyWay (the newco for broadband satellites), board’s director of Telbios (telemedicine company) and Head of marketing and R&D institutional programs. From 1980 to 1983 he was in Contraves in the microwave and antenna department. He achieved a doctoral degree in Electronical Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin in 1978 and a Post-graduate Specialization in Applied Electromagnetism from University La Sapienza of Roma in 1980. In 2012 he was awarded the Finmeccanica Innovation Prize and the Italian Prize of Prize with a GNSS application for trains. He is author of about 80 papers published on International Symposia and Magazines.