Customer: Cyber 4.0

Duration:  June 2022 – May 2024

The SHINE-ON (Secured HIgh accuracy localizatioN Equipment for auto motive applicatioNs) project intends to develop an innovative control unit (ECU, Electronic Controller Unit) that allows to increase the accuracy of vehicle localization, fundamental for connected driving cars, guaranteeing the same time high levels of security in line with the new cybersecurity standard ISO/SAE DIS 21434 “Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering”, essential for approval from a cyber security point of view. Cyber security tests will be conducted on the ECU in a real and complex automotive context, using the new Ducato Stellantis vehicle, to evaluate the degree of resilience of the control unit against external attacks via Drivesec’s IOTCY validation platform and therefore demonstrate the effectiveness of the safety measures implemented on the control unit itself according to the requirements set by ISO/SAE DIS 21434.

Radiolabs (Coordinator)

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