Radiolabs at the 2018 Satellite Navigation Summit presenting VIRGILIO

Munich, March, 5th 2018

Is the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)  the key to autonomy? That is the  theme of the 2018 edition of the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, which gathered experts from all over the world to talk about the latest news on Positioning, Navigation, and Timing and their […]

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RHINOS project has been completed

EGNSS infrastructures and ARAIM technologies play an important role for the adoption of GNSS into Train Control Systems

The  RHINOS team, co-ordinated by Radiolabs,  with  DLR, the Universities of Nottingham, Pardubice, Stanford and with Ansaldo STS and Sogei have successfully completed the project – co-funded by GSA – bringing an […]

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IGAW 2017 “GNSS in future transport, drones and RHINOS days”

Agenda_IGAW__2017 The fourth edition of the Workshop, IGAW 2017, will focus on the cutting-edge technology in the sector.

The opening session on 20 June will deal with some of the most important issues: global high-precision, future applications in the automotive industry and the use of technology in drones for transport […]

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Radiolabs at ION PNT Conference

On May  2nd 2017 Andrea Coluccia of Radiolabs attended the Pacific ION Conference ( presented  the paper  “High Integrity Multiconstellation Positioning in ERTMS on SATELLITE – Enabling Application Validation”  in collaboration with Ansaldo STS and Sogei (presentation).  This paper discloses for the first time the recent on-fiel d […]

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RHINOS project at the ARAIM WG – C

High Integrity GNSS: from aviation a contribution towards a standard for railways applications

Toulouse (France) 5 April 2017

The  RHINOS project ( has been invited at the Working-Group C – Service Evolution Subgroup meeting in Toulouse on April 5th. Daniel Lopour from GSA introduced the rail projects and Anja Grosch, from […]

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2nd RHINOS Workshop at GSA

A stepping stone on High Integrity GNSS architectures for ERTMS evolution

Prague, 23rd 24th March 2017

The 2nd RHINOS workshop (Railway High Integrity Overlay System took place at  the GSA premises with an opening speech  by its executive director Carlo des Dorides  and the GSA coordinator of rail projects D. […]

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First RHINOS Workshop at University of Stanford marked bold commitment on high integrity GNSS for ERTMS

Stanford University, California,  29th  November – 1st December 2016

RHINOS partners – a blue-print project awarded to Radiolabs by GSA ( –  have met at Stanford University who has organized the first Workshop to discuss the results with international stake-holders. At the opening speeches Mr. Josef Doppelbauer, executive director of […]

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Radiolabs awarded DB4Rail contract

Radiolabs has been awarded by ESA – GSTP 6.2 (General Support Technology Programme) Competitiveness Element, the contract “Digital Beam Forming for Rail – DB4Rail” to evaluate and mitigate the potential effects of possible GNSS intentional and non intentional  interferences on the ERTMS  operational scenarios based on virtual balises.  This […]

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Customer: ESA GSTP 6.2

Duration: November 2016 – November 2019


The project “Digital Beamforming for Rail” DB4RAIL aims at designing, developing and prototyping a software digital beamforming platform for antenna array coupled with advanced GNSS signal processing techniques for high rejection of GNSS interfering signals, including jamming and […]

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Radiolabs will showcase RHINOS project at InnoTrans 2016

Radiolabs, will be showcase RHINOS research project at InnoTrans – the leading international trade fair on Railways transport technologies and products that will take place by 20th to 23th September in Berlin ( RHINOS , an H2020 GSA Galileo 3 project, aims to exploit GNSS infrastructures by developing augmentation […]

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