P-CAR at ESA NAVISP Industry Days 2023

Radiolabs was one of the exhibitors at the NAVISP Industry Days at the European Space Research and Technology Centre ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The event focused on the PNT & Mobility, Alternative PNT Technologies, and current PNT Trends gave the opportunity to showcase the P-CAR project funded by […]

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Go ahead to VOLIERA-2 project

State of the Art technologies and verification tools for a new generation of train positioning system with GNSS-IMU and Video-based sensors

After the positive outcomes from VOLIERA phase 1 project – Video Odometry with Lidar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications – ESA has awarded to Hitachi Rail STS teaming with […]

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The President of the Abruzzo Region and the Rector of the University of L’Aquila visit the EMERGE Center of Excellence and the Radiolabs Laboratory

• First European ecosystem for innovation, research and specialist training for geo-location, telecommunications and cyber security technologies for autonomous vehicles;
• Technological synergies between the aerospace and automotive domains of the Abruzzo Region;
• International Centre for the validation and certification support of new technologies in collaboration with ASI and ESA;
• […]

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Results of connected vehicle projects presented at ASI

In Abruzzo the first eco-system dedicated to innovation for intelligent transport
A strategic asset to enhance made-in-Italy satellite technologies in Europe
A plan to increase know-how and highly specialized employment

The transport sector has embarked on a process of irreversible transformation with the energy transition and connected driving at […]

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Customer: ESA – NAVISP-EL2-009
Duration: December 2019 – April 2021

The VOLIERA project aim to introduce for the first time in the railways domain video-based sensing technologies combined with GNSS localization means. This approach backed by the drastic cost reduction of optical sensors and the dramatic improvement of GNSS signal processing will […]

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Radiolabs is partner of VOLIERA project

Radiolabs is part of the team coordinated by Hitachi Rail STS selected by ESA for the VOLIERA project – Video Odometry with Lidar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications. VOLIERA aims to develop an innovative multi-sensor component aimed at providing relative and absolute position and odometry information suitable for the […]

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Radiolabs on new GNSS receiver design for trains

Radiolabs is part of the team coordinated by Hitachi Rail STS that has been selected by ESA to design and prototype a GNSS receiver for the ERTMS train control system. This project – based on state of art Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform provided by Qascom and integrity algorithms […]

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SBS RailS Phase 2.1-

Technology Demonstrator for the certification of a satellite-based ERTMS L2 Regional Line Solution (ERSAT Program)

Customer: ESA – Demonstration Project
Duration: June 2018 – May 2022

The application consists of putting into operation an ERTMS system by using satellite navigation with proper localization device systems and IP-based public telecom (including SATCOM) services instead of the GSM-R. […]

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Radiolabs awarded DB4Rail contract

Radiolabs has been awarded by ESA – GSTP 6.2 (General Support Technology Programme) Competitiveness Element, the contract “Digital Beam Forming for Rail – DB4Rail” to evaluate and mitigate the potential effects of possible GNSS intentional and non intentional  interferences on the ERTMS  operational scenarios based on virtual balises.  This […]

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Radiolabs plays a leading role in Europe in the Horizon 2020 Research and ESA GNSS programs applications for high integrity, and telecommunications using the IP protocol for the railway sector

Radiolabs guide research to make possible for the future of the trains to be Always Connected – Geo localized and Safe from any cybernetic “attacks”. The increasing use of public networks such as GNSS infrastructure, mobile and satellite networks will bring significant economic benefits, especially for the modernization of […]

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