Virtual InstRuments for GNSS augmentatIon and LocalizatIOn

Customer: Lazio Region

Duration: September 2015 – May 2018

VIRGILIO is the latest simulation tool for high integrity GNSS applications in the land transportation domain.

  • Developed in Matlab®
  • Object Oriented
  • Able to manage GPS (L1) and Galileo (E1)
  • Distributed Architecture (one virtual machine for each functional block)
  • Modular and highly scalable architecture
  • HW in the loop
  • Communications among Objects based on TCP/IP & UDP/IP and publish/subscribe
  • Able to simulate OBUs (On-Board Units), RSs (Reference Stations) and an Augmentation Network Control Center


With flexible and customizable interfaces for the input data, VIRGILIO has everything going for supporting the design of augmentation networks. VIRGILIO is transparent to the input sources allowing the acquisition of GNSS data from field equipment and the synthetic generation representing the raw observations of the GNSS receivers at any earth location and at any time. Accurate navigation data can be downloaded from IGS or synthetically generated and used to improve the quality of the synthetically generated observables. VIRGILIO’s main capability is the accurate simulation of the GNSS location determination system as well as the impact of local faults due to communication channels, multipath and  Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

With VIRGILIO, is possible to define an accurate and reliable GNSS architecture. In particular the tool is designed to:

  •  build a configurable environment, where different choices for the system architecture, algorithms and configuration parameters can be easily tried, evaluated and compared;
  • integrate system documentation with a non-ambiguous specification in the form of tested code;
  • evaluate the performances of the system, identify possible anomalies and then implement useful strategies to mitigate them.


Thanks to its flexible architecture, VIRGILIO meets the requirements of high integrity GNSS applications for the transport sector :

  • Train Control Systems where VIRGILIO has been  validated on real railway scenarios
  • Driver-less cars where VIRGILIO is customized to evaluate multi-sensors scenarios

Furthermore, VIRGILIO can be upgraded for UAVs applications


“Experto Credite”


* Project  supported by Italian Lazio Region under the contract FILAS RU 2014-1135