Honolulu, Hawaii April 11, 2019

Radiolabs has presented the results of two recent research projects at the ION Pacific PNT Conference held at Honolulu on the 8th – 11th April. ION-PNT represents a global cooperative development of Positioning, Navigation and Timing technology and applications where policy and technical leaders from Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea, Australia, the United States and more meet to discuss policy updates, receive program status updates and exchange technical information.

The papers entitled Intelligent Antennas for Mitigating GNSS Jamming & Spoofing Hazards on the ERTMS Train Control and Indoor Vehicle Localization Based on Wi-Fi Navigation Beacons for Multi-Modal Transportation Applications were presented at the Railway Navigation Session. The scale of potential benefits are in the main way to enhancing satellite applications of the ERSAT GGC project coordinated by RFI.